Tip #104
Dick Olsher (December 2023)


A couple of months ago I ran across a speaker cable ad by eBay seller koldingaudio. What caught my attention was the conductor type, said to be 8N OCC. That’s 8-nine copper purity and low-grain Ohno Continuous Casting. The internal construction looked interesting as well: 12 individual bundles of silver plated strands. And the terminations also appeared to be high-end. All that priced at about $60 for a 2-meter pair. Too good to be true? Perhaps, but too intriguing to pass by. And so, I pulled the trigger.

It took about two weeks for cables to arrive from China. Initially, I didn’t expect much. But it quickly dawned on me that this is an exceptionally good sounding cable. By now I’ve auditioned it with the both the MoFi Electronics SP10 and Analysis Audio Omega loudspeakers, and with numerous power amps. In both contexts it was able to retrieve low-level detail while preserving the purity of harmonic textures. There’s a natural clarity to this cable that becomes addictive over time. This high-resolution cable is one of the best I’ve ever auditioned regardless of price, and as a bonus, it is quite comfortable with both tube and solid-state amplification. It emphatically underscores the fact that you don’t have to spend kilo bucks for a musical speaker cable.