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Limited quantities remain of the "Lesley" double LP, in original matrix pressing, recorded and  engineered by David Manley of VTL and  Manley Labs fame. From the start, Manley insisted on his best-shot effort in all production,    recording, and mastering aspects. The idea was to produce an absolute reference recording, without any technical concessions.   Only purist recording  techniques were used, with all music played "live" and captured straight onto two stereo tracks. Not only was  the recording chain all tube, but it was entirely  designed by David  Manley - including a custom version of  his Reference Gold stereo  condenser microphone. Destined to become a classic Collector's prize! The most  dynamic, natural recording of female  voice on the market,  "Lesley" is used as a "reference" by industry professionals world wide. No compression  whatsoever! Caution: many systems are unable to handle the wide dynamics of Lesley's voice.   

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 The critics rave about the Samadhi Acoustics Magic Cube Loudspeaker:
Peter Breuninger, Listener Magazine (Vol. 5, No.1): "These guys back-fill, front-fill, and side-fill a whole room with a huge soundspace that captures the essence of each instrument and ensemble. The pace is medium, the color is golden, and the music is rich. These are great speakers, and for apartment dwellers or surround sound aficionados the Magic Cubes may just be the winning ticket: most sound from the least package."

Sherman Hong, audioMUSINGS Magazine, Issue.8, 9/99: "Overall, I'm beyond  amazement at the Samadhis. For me, the Cubes set a new criterion  for mini-monitors. Genuinely  surprising were their life-size presentation, suave synchronization, and their fabulous vanishing act, in addition to the bass  magnitude. ...Don't let their size deter you. As  with most things in life, more  is not always better."

 Designed by Dick Olsher and manufactured by Samadhi Acoustics, Ltd., the Magic Cubetm represents the ideal solution for home theater systems. It is also ideally suited for musical enjoyment in small listening rooms. The Magic Cube is capable of producing a wide and spacious soundstage even when located in the corners of a room.  

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Now an independent review of the Samadhi Acoustics Ichiban is online as well!
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 J. Peter Moncrieff writes about the Ichiban and Samadhi's CBAE Technology




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