Lesley Olsher: Anyone In Love CD

Lesley Album Cover

"Everyone Loves Anyone In Love"

 Adult Contemporary Radio...could use a dose of Lesley Olsher...the somewhat [Anita] Bakerish Olsher...is an honest, enjoyable singer...The warmth Olsher brings to some of AC's better  staples...may stem from the  fact that she also sings jazz. Full of live instruments...Anyone In Love's 70's-like production will surprise those used to a high-tech approach to contemporary pop."
Alex Henderson / JAZZIZ magazine

"...a beautiful piece of popular recording...music which has a warm and exciting atmosphere and a  natural spatial sound...the last song, "Cajun Moon," is a recording masterpiece, precisely showing the real and lively ambience of the recording space. For anyone who worried about not having a   good popular recording to listen to, we hereby recommend this album to you!"
Audio Art (Taiwan)

A "Gold Standard" Reference Record!
"...a cohesive and real musical feeling...Lesley's voice is always attractive, three-dimensional,  surpassing most major commercial productions."
Music Monthly (Taiwan)

 "Lesley's voice is tightly focused...extraordinarily airy, liquid soundstage...ambient as the day is long. You'll thrill! You'll chill! You'll Plotz! I know I did!"
Jonathan Scull, Senior Editor, Stereophile Magazine

This album was born during the time frame of January 16 - 20, 1994, at Right Time Productions' StudioTrax in Pomona, California. The first recording session concluded just a few hours before  4:31 am on the 17th - when the great quake of '94 struck the LA area. We woke up shaken, but  unhurt, amidst the destruction, pain and death. It was difficult to stay focused as the news reports poured in. But life went on, as the people of LA picked up the pieces and started mending their city.

 This album is dedicated to the brave people of Los Angeles, whose spirit moved us during this brief visit.

Lesley Olsher: Vocals

Max Highstein

Piano, Musical Director

Robert Fox

Piano, Keyboards

Jeff Sussman


Steve Hill

Electric Guitar

Zeke Severson

Electric Bass

Rudolfo Gonzalez


Munyungo Jackson


John Yoakum

Tenor Sax

Bruce Bishop

Acoustic Guitar

George Geurin


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