Black Dahlia Listening Room

Welcome to the Black Dahlia Listening Room.

The following tracks, in MP3 format, offer a taste of our music and may be downloaded free of charge for personal, non-commercial purposes. Feel free to share them with your friends and neighbors. You can also post these tracks online, provided you attribute them to Black Dahlia Music.

Lesley Olsher: Anyone in Love
Anyone in Love Track 1: "Anyone In Love"
Anyone in Love Track 6: "Sing To Me"

Lesley Olsher: Jazz Me
Jazz Me Track 1: "Jazz Me"
Jazz Me Track 10: "Loving You"

Lorin Rowan: My Father's Son
My Father's Son Track 2: "My Father's Son"
My Father's Son Track 3: "Circle of Friends"
My Father's Son Track 4: "Nowhere to Run"
My Father's Son Track 10: "The Way a Woman Loves a Man"

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