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Acoustic Dimension
Aerial Acoustics
 Altec Lansing Corporation
 AS-USA Kit (Vaccum Tube Kits made in USA)
Antique Sound Laboratory
Art Audio, Ltd.
Atma-Sphere Music Systems
Audio Advancements
 Audio Concepts, Inc. (ACI)
Audiopax Music Systems (SE amps)
Audio Nirvana Full-Range Speakers
 Audiophile Systems, Ltd.
Audio Physic
 Audio Research Corp.
Avantgarde Acoustic (German site)
 Avatar Audio
Ayre Acoustics
Axiom Loudspeakers
 Balanced Audio Technology
 Belcanto Design (SE tube gear)
Benz-Micro Phono Cartridges
Black Dahlia Acoustics, Ltd. (Dick Olsher's BassZilla Kit Plans)
 Biro Technology (loudspeakers)
 Blue Circle
Bright Star Audio
Bryston Audio
 Cardas Audio (Golden Ratio Cable)
 Castle Acoustics
 C&C Music-Manufacturers of CDs and Cassettes
CJ's Audio Video (Vibrapod Vibration Isolators)
 Cliffhanger Audio Systems
 Coincident Speaker Technology
Coph Nia Amplifiers
Crowley  Acoustics (full-range driver louspeakers)
David Berning Company
Covenant Audio (importer of WAVAC Audio Lab)
 DECWARE High-Performance Audio
Divergent Technologies, Inc.
 Dolby Labs
  Dulcet by ATI, Inc. (speakers, Hi-Vi drivers, Swans Kits)
 Electrocompaniet (Norwegian amps, etc.)
 Electronic Visionary Systems
 Eminent Technology
 Golden Sound (DHCones)
 Granite Audio
 HDCD/Pacific Microsonics
Hovland Company
Hsu Research, Inc.
HyEnd Audio Imports
 Ironworkz Audio Designs
Jadis Electronics
 Jeff Rowland Design Group
 Jenving Technology AB (Supra Audio Cable)
Kimber Kable
Klipsch, Inc.
 Kora Electronic Concept (French hi-end tube amps)
KR Audio (tubes and electronics)
Krell Industries
Kuzma Audio Turntables
Laboratoire J.C. Verdier
Lamm Industries
 Linn Products
  Loth-X Audio
Lowther Loudspeakers ( UK home page)
Magnum Dynalab Ltd. (high-end FM tuners)
 Margules Audio
 McIntosh Sales Corp.
Manley Labs
Marchand Electronics (tube and solid-state crossovers)
Martin-Logan, Ltd.
McIntosh Sales Corp.
Meadowlark Audio
 MegaForce Technologies (Pro Sound)
 Meyer Sound
 Melos Technologies, Inc.
 Mesa/Boogie (HiFi Products Division)
 Minnesota Audio Labs
 Mirage Speakers
Moth Audio Corp.
Music Hall
 Naim Audio
NAT Audio (high-end tube amplification)
Newform Research
 Nirvana Audio
Northstar Leading The Way, Inc.
Oracle Audio Technologies
 Pass Labs
 PBN Audio
Plinius USA
 PSB Speakers
Pure Note(cable & accessories)
 QUAD Electroacoustics
 Quicksilver Audio
 RPG Diffusor Systems
Rethmic Sound (Lowther based speakers)
Sakura Systems
 Scimitar Technology Group
 Samadhi Acoustics, Ltd (Ceiling Boundary Ambience Enhancement)
ServoDrive (home of the Conrtabass subwoofer)
 Sonic Frontiers
 Sound Application (Power Line Conditioners)
 Sound Lab Electrostatic Speakers
Stax Electrostatic headphones
Stealth Audio Cables
 Taddeo Digital Antidote Processor
 Tara Labs (premier Audio Cable manufacturer)
Tempo Electric/Arthur Loesch Home Audio Components
 Thiel Audio
 Thor Audio (all tube components)
 Tice Audio (power conditioners and cables)
Vans Evers Co. (Power Conditioners, etc.)
VMPS Audio Products
 Von Schweikert Research
 Wavelength Audio
WBE Audio Germany (high-end speakers and amps)
Wilson Audio Specialties, Inc.
Wolcott Audio

  Category:High End Dealers

  Arizona Tube Audio
 Audiogon High-End used audio gear marketplace
 Audio Odyssey
 Audio Systems (Austin, TX)
 Galen Carol Audio
 Heatherdale Audio Ltd. (UK)
 Hi Notes
 HiFi Centre (Canada)
SMA Labs (New York)

 Category:Music Services/Labels

  The Binaural Source (binaural recordings for headphone listening)
Black Dahlia Music
 BMG Music Service
Chesky Records
  Classic Records
 Columbia House
 Columbia Records
Delos Records
 Direct-To-Tape Recording
Hyperion Records
Nordic Downloadable Music Site
Organ Recordings
 PolyGram - US Online
 RCA Victor
 Reprise Records
 Telarc International
 Virgin Records
 Warner Bros. Records
Windham Hill Records

  Category:Record Stores/Music Purchasing Info

   The Music Room


   "The Absolute Sound" Home Page - Steve Guttenberg
Audio Amateur's audioXpress Magazine
Audio Ideas Guide
Audio & Music Bulletin (hobbyists' views for hobbyists)

   Audiophile Audition (audio, music, and home theater)
Enjoy the Review Magazine
 HiFi Notes (Dutch e-zine)
 Positive Feedback Magazine (now featuring audioMUSINGS)
   "Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity" (newsletter)
 Stereophile Magazine
TNT Audio
Tube CAD Journal (A must read for tube DIYourselfers)
 Vacuum Tube Valley

  Category:Vacuum Tube Resources

   AVVT Tubes (Alesa Vaic)
Antique Electronic Supply
Groove Tubes
  Kennedy Tube Audio
 MagneQuest Transformers
Purpleraze Tube Audio (mostly Musical Instrument)
New Sensor Corp. (Sovtek tubes)
Richardson Electronics Online tube Catalog
   Sowter Transformers
 Svetlana Audio Tubes
Tube DataSheets
 Triode Electronics

  Category:Parts, Kits and DIY Info

Audio Note UK tube kits
Avondale Audio (Equipment Upgrades, etc.)
The Decibel Dungeon (UK DIY site)
 The ESL Circuit (electrostatic loudspeaker info)
Fostex Online Store (full-range drivers)
The HiFi Store (Kit Designs by Dick Olsher)
HM-Moreart - DIY Horn projects (in German)
Linkwitz Labs (Sigfried Linkwitz's site: Open Baffle speakers)
 Lowther America (drivers and kits)
The Lowther Club (Canada: all Lowther drivers plus kits)
Madisound Speaker Components
Manger Products (bending wave transducers)
 Marshall Leach's power amp plans
Meniscus Audio
ORCA Design & Mfg. corp.
The Parts Connection  (tube kits & more)
Parts Express
Dick Olsher's BassZilla Loudspeaker
Reliable Capacitor
  Solen, Inc.
Speaker Building Page
  US Enclosures (spherical loudspeaker enclosures)
  Welborne Labs (SE tube kits and premium parts)

  Category:Discussion Groups

 (Be sure your browser is configured for Usenet News Servers)
  fido.ger.hifi(in German) Norwegian) Russian) Finnish)
tw.bbs.rec.audiophile(in Chinese)

  Category:Internet Resources/Search Engines

 Audio and Acoustics Links
  audiomap (German)
AudioNova's Worldwide Audio Links
 Audio Trader
 Digital's Alta Vista
   MEIserch (Mobile Electronics Industry Search)
Wired at   (Audio/Video Consumer Electronics Super Site)
Yahoo Audio Links

  Category:Professional/Industry Groups

  Audio Engineering Society
 AMPAS (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences)
 Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Association
Consumer Electronics Show
The Consumer Electronics Cyberspace Companion
Federal Communications Commission
 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)
NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)
 SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & TV Engineers)

  Category:Informational Sites

  Ambisonic Surround Sound
  Analogue Addicts Archive
Andrew's Audio Recommendation
 Enjoy the Music Home Page
 The ESL Circuit
Headroom: Headphone Info
 Pacific Microsonics, Inc. (HDCD site) ( audio forum)
Super audio CD
 The Vinyl Tourist (a record collector's site)
ELP Laser Turntable (LPs played with a laser)
THX Home Page
The Horn Speaker Home Page
The Voodoo of CD Mastering

  Category:Other Services

   Audiomatica srl
ACO Pacific (measurement microphones)

  Category:Non-English Sites (Finnish audiophile webzine)
 The High End Line
 Audio Performance (Argentina)
 Audio Espresso (Portuguese)

  Category: Audio Societies

  Atlanta Audio Society
 Boston Audio Society
  Bay Area Audio Society
  Colorado Audio Society
 Connecticut Audio Society
 Detroit Audio Society
 Los Angeles "Audio File's" Homepage
  Melbourne Audio Club Inc.
Audio Society of Minnesota
 Purdue Audio Society
 HiFi Club of Cape Town, South Africa
 Southeastern Michigan Woofer and Tweeter Marching Society

  Category:Beyond Audiooooo ...

   Internet Music Videos (NAMS International)
 Alamo Instruments/Western Musical Instruments
 San Francisco Science Exploratorium
Philips Virtual Disk
 National Public Radio
The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum